1. UAE says 45 of its troops killed in Yemen in Saudi-led ops against Shiite rebels
    Forty-five troops from the United Arab Emirates were killed in Yemen while taking part in Saudi-led operations against Shiite rebels, the Gulf nation said Friday, in the deadliest day for its military in its 44-year history.
  2. 13 people executed in northern Afghanistan; Taliban denies role
    KABUL — Unknown gunmen executed 13 people traveling in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, according to a local Afghan official.
  3. France considering airstrikes in Syria: Report
    France is considering to join the US-led coalition allegedly targeting the positions of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in Syria.
  4. New shia converted martyred in Pakistan
    Sipah e Sahaba terrorists gunned down Riaz Alvi in Charsadah district of KPK, Alvi converted to Shia Islam sometime back after a research.
  5. Obama, Saudi King Discuss Yemen War
    Hosting Saudi Arabia’s new monarch for the first time, President Barack Obama said Friday the US shares King Salman’s desire for an inclusive, functioning government in Yemen that can relieve that impoverished Arab country’s humanitarian crisis.
  6. Syrian airstrikes fuelling extremism
    Terrorist groups like Islamic State cannot be defeated until the Syrian civil war and domestic bombing campaigns are brought under control, according to an independent report into the country’s chaos.
  7. Iran photographer to share prize money with Syria refugees
    Tehran (AFP) – Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian has said she will donate part of a 100,000-euro ($112,000) Dutch award to charity, including Syrian and Iraqi refugees.
  8. U.S., allies launch 25 air strikes in Iraq, eight in Syria: U.S.
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. and coalition forces launched 25 air strikes in Iraq and eight in Syria on Friday against Islamic State targets, the U.S. military said.
  9. Isis are threatening to capture a vital highway in Syria – the loss of which could push millions of refugees out of government-held areas
    Islamic State (Isis) forces in Syria are threatening to capture a crucial road, the loss of which could touch off a panic and the exodus of several million refugees from government areas, in addition to the four million who have already fled.
  10. 34 Muslim Brotherhood supporters and spiritual leader Qaradawi referred to Egypt’s military court
    Egypt’s prosecutor-general referred on Saturday 35 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to the military prosecution service, including prominent Islamist preacher Youssef El-Qaradawi, on charges of murdering a police officer.