1. Tortured, Imprisoned Women Rescued From Saudi Diplomat’s House in Gurgaon
    New Delhi: Two women were allegedly tortured and sexually assaulted and kept in bondage for months at the Gurgaon house of a diplomat from Saudi Arabia, sources told NDTV. The police rescued them on Monday evening following the intervention of locals and a non-profit.
  2. Britain signals move towards air strikes in Syria
    Britain moved closer to military action in Syria as a senior minister on Saturday said Europe’s migration crisis had to be tackled at its source and a newspaper said a parliamentary vote on bombing Islamic State militants in Syria could take place next month.
  3. Tajik leader says attacks on police staged by Islamic State sympathisers – media
    Tajikistan’s leader said on Sunday attacks on police had been staged by militants sharing the views of Islamic State and aiming to undermine his rule of the Muslim nation, local media reported.
  4. Muslim organisations in India issue fatwa against ISIS
    Leading Muslim organisations in India have issued a fatwa against ISIS. Over 1,000 scholars and मuftis have called the ISIS enemy of Islam.
  5. Wake Up America: the Real Threat Beside Iran’s Nuclear Deal Is Saudi Arabia’s Wahabism Ideology
    If lawmakers returning to Washington this week are doing their homework, they’ll realize Iran’s nuclear deal isn’t the only threat to international security at home and abroad. Our radical Islamic ally, Saudi Arabia, is also part of the problem, both in the Middle East and beyond.
  6. Yemeni Shiite rebels bombed by Saudi-led coalition in Marib province
    SANAA, Yemen — Saudi-led airstrikes killed 12 Shiite rebels in Yemen’s Marib province Tuesday, the area where a rebel missile strike days earlier killed 45 Emirati soldiers and 10 Saudi troops, independent Yemeni security officials and witnesses said Tuesday.
  7. Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Will Mean War
    Like a snake oil salesman trying to move a gallon of lies by promising that it’s either buy the bottle or die, Obama sold the Iran deal as the only alternative to war. In fact the deal is a certain road to war.
  8. PHOTOS: ISIS Executes 2 ‘Shia Spies’ by Blowing Up Building On Them
    A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows two men accused of being “Shiite spies” being executed by having a building detonated on top of them.
  9. Refugees fleeing to Europe expected to reach 400,000 says UN
    The number of refugees fleeing across the Mediterranean to Europe could reach 400,000 by the end of the year, says the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).