1. Tension worsens in MidEast as Iran accuses Saudis for rise in extremism
    Without naming Saudi Arabia, Iran’s foreign minister has blamed it for abetting the rise of extremism in the Mideast and Afghanistan but says his country is ready to cooperate with its regional rival to combat the scourge.
  2. Shiite Militia Releases 16 Turkish Workers Abducted in Iraq
    ISTANBUL — Sixteen Turkish construction workers abducted four weeks ago by a Shiite militia in Iraq were released on Wednesday, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu of Turkey said in a statement on Twitter.
  3. Coalition says it seized Iran boat with arms for Yemen rebels
    Riyadh (AFP) – The Saudi-led coalition said on Wednesday it had seized an Iranian fishing boat in the Arabian Sea loaded with weapons destined for Shiite rebels it is fighting in Yemen.
  4. Even the clerics are joining Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units
    After Mosul fell to the Islamic State (IS) on June 10, 2014, and the latter continued its advance toward Baghdad, Iraq’s Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani issued a statement June 13, calling on all Iraqis to join the front in support of the Iraqi armed forces.
  5. Russia, Syria, the US & Israel
    It wasn’t too long ago that President Obama dismissively characterized ISIS as a “jayvee [junior varsity] team.” With the recent insertion of Russian combat forces into the Syrian civil war, it now appears that the true “jayvee team” actually consists of President Obama and his foreign policy advisors.
  6. Why Russia faces an uphill battle in forming an anti-ISIS coalition
    With Russia having started its first airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, creating a global anti-ISIS coalition of the type envisioned by Russia is out of the question, for the simple reason that each country perceives the threat differently.
  7. Turkey to Build Largest Mosque in Crimea
    Crimea Autonomous Republic’s Grand Mufti Emir Ali Ablayev said that the Russian administration approved the project, which they had been trying to implement for 10 years, from before Crimea joined the Russian Federation.
  8. Bahrain unearths huge weapons and explosives haul
    Bahrain says it has uncovered one of the biggest finds of explosives and weapons since violence erupted there in 2011.
  9. The expansion of Russia’s radical Islamism outside the North Caucasus
    On the morning of July 19, 2012, Kazan the capital of Tatarstan, Russia’s largest autonomous republic and home of its largest Muslim ethnicity, the Tatars, was awakened by six gun shots and, fifteen minutes later, the explosion of a car bomb.