1. Afghan forces kill 150 Taliban militants
    Afghan officials say 150 Taliban militants have been killed and dozens of others wounded in an operation aimed at retaking northern Kunduz Province’s capital city.
  2. Bahraini Prince Injured by Yemeni Military
    On September 14, several sources revealed on their twitter accounts that Khalid had been either killed or injured in Ma’rib.
  3. Iranian Muslims commemorate Eid al-Ghadeer
    The auspicious occasion is annually marked with various ceremonies and rituals in different cities on the 18th of Dhu al-Hijjah on the Islamic calendar.
  4. Iran sends protest letter to Saudi Arabia
    The protest letter was presented to the Saudi Arabia charge d’affaires in Tehran on Wednesday when he was summoned by Foreign Ministry for the last time in protest to the Saudi government’s mismanagement of the Jajj rituals and lack of its cooperation for transporting the bodies of the Iranian victims of the Mina tragedy.
  5. Saudi hajj disaster toll rises higher with 465 pilgrims from Iran dead
    TEHRAN: The death toll in the Saudi hajj disaster rose sharply Thursday as Iran announced 465 of its pilgrims died in last week’s stampede and crush, nearly doubling its earlier count and likely further straining relations between the two Mideast rivals.
  6. In increasingly complex Syria conflict, a look at who is in the air, who is on the ground
    BEIRUT (AP) — Russia is the latest country to enter Syria’s complex conflict that killed 250,000 people and displaced half of the country’s prewar population since March 2011. Here is a look at the combatants:
  7. Bahrain expels Iranian envoy over alleged arms smuggling
    Sunni-ruled kingdom also recalls ambassador from Tehran; says Islamic Republic funneled weapons to terrorists
  8. Largest Shia mosque opens in Copenhagen
    Topped with a turquoise dome and two minarets, the Imam Ali Mosque opened its doors on Thursday in preparation for its first Friday prayer service.
  9. Bahrain ends meat, poultry subsidies amid oil price slide
    The tiny island kingdom of Bahrain has ended its government subsidies on meat and poultry products as countries across the Persian Gulf scramble to deal with low global oil prices.
  10. West, Gulf states call on Russia to stop airstrikes in Syria
    Russia says campaign will last “3 to 4 months” and insists that all the people it’s bombing are terrorists.