1. Shiite man gunned down, two daughters injured in Peshawar
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – A Shia Muslim was martyred while his two daughters were injured when takfiri terrorists of Sipah-e-Sahaba opened fire on them in Peshawar on Thursday morning.
  2. Pro-government forces in Yemen retake seaside town after heavy fighting with Shiite rebels
    SANAA, Yemen — Pro-government forces drove Shiite rebels from a strategic seaside town on Friday after three days of heavy clashes that killed nearly 100 fighters, Yemeni security officials said.
  3. Bahraini forces insult and take down “Ashura” flags and banners
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Activists on social media said that the Bahraini authorities on Thursday (October 7, 2015) took down flags and banners for Ashura season which the Shiites majority in Bahrain commemorates on the onset of the Hijri year of the Islamic calendar.
  4. Iranian General Killed in Syria
    BEIRUT—A top Iranian military commander who played a crucial role in Tehran’s efforts to defend the Syrian regime was killed in the outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, Iran said Friday.
  5. Saudi crush was deadliest hajj tragedy ever
    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: One survivor of last month’s crush and stampede at the hajj in Saudi Arabia recalled seeing so many bodies that he couldn’t tell how many there were.
  6. Why Saudi Arabia Gets Away With Murder
    The kingdom is set to execute a young man for participating in the Arab Spring as a 17-year-old—and the Obama administration has admitted it’s not going to do a thing about it.
  7. Iran could be a surprising American ally as chaos grows in Syria: Time
    The truth is, there hasn’t been a successful act of outside military intervention in the Middle East since George H.W. Bush’s stringent Operation Desert Storm in 1991, which was carried out with robust Arab support—and the subsequent no-fly zones that limited Saddam Hussein’s power in Iraq, Time said in an article posted on its website on Thursday.
  8. ISIS captures most territory in months amid Russian strikes
    BEIRUT — Islamic State militants captured a string of villages near Aleppo on Friday in a lightning attack that brought them closer to the prized city in northern Syria, despite a major increase in Russian airstrikes that Moscow insists are targeting the extremists.
  9. Iraqis Forget About Obama, Celebrate ‘Putin the Shiite’ for His War Leadership
    With astonishing speed, American influence—withered by years of Barack Obama’s indecisiveness—is fading, as Iraq realigns around Russia and Iran.
  10. Security Forces Foil Plot to Attack Muharram Gatherings in Punjab
    Sheikhupura – Foiling a plot to attack Shias during Muharram-ul-Haram, the Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF) on Saturday killed five Al-Qaeda terrorists including most-wanted Kala Qari in an encounter here and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition from their possession.