1. Iran’s New Palestinian Terror Group: Al-Sabireen
    The nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers has paved the way for the Iranians to resume their efforts to spread their influence throughout the Middle East.
  2. Yemen’s government accepts talks with Shiite rebels
    With the regular success of the Saudi-led military coalition – and with the steadfast resolve of the countries backing them to restore the Hadi government despite any setbacks along the way – the Houthis and other rebel forces can be under no illusion about how this conflict will conclude.
  3. Saudi mosque suicide bomber threatened Shiites, Saudi soldiers
    Dubai: The Daesh suicide bomber who carried out an attack on a Shiite mosque in the Saudi city of Najran on Monday threatened Shiites and Saudi soldiers, according to a posthumous audio message purportedly by the attacker.
  4. Shiite Muslims around the world mark Ashura
    Four major Zuljinnah, Alam and Taziyaa processions were taken out in Mirpur city, Dadayal and other places in the district, which passed through their respective traditional routes and culminated at their respective destinations.
  5. Saudi arrests 49 in connection with shooting at Shiite gathering
    RIYADH, Oct. 28. (Xinhua) — Saudi Arabia arrested 49 suspects in connection with a deadly shooting at Shiite gathering earlier this month, Al Arabiya News reported on Wednesday.
  6. Jordanian hate preacher Abu Qatada goes on a rant about Jews and Shia Muslims
    A radical hate preacher who fought a ten-year battle to avoid deportation from Britain claims Islam will rise up to ‘dominate every land’ and destroy the ‘state of the Jews’.
  7. ISIL Plot to Attack Samarra Shine Foiled
    According to al-Sumariya news, a statement released by the popular forces said they discovered mortars near the city and destroyed them.
  8. Saudi anti-Shia regime briefly detains Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr’s brother
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Security forces in Saudi Arabia have briefly detained the brother of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, who is facing a death sentence for political dissent.
  9. Militants bomb college in Yemen’s port city of Aden
    SANAA, Yemen — Militants bombed a local college in the southern Yemeni city of Aden on Wednesday, following previous threats against the school, security officials and witnesses said.
  10. Iran never needed a nuclear weapon
    Too many Americans are content with the Iranian nuclear deal because they believe that it will curb Iran’s efforts to produce a nuclear weapon. Aside from the fact that the deal doesn’t do nearly enough to accomplish even this, the forgotten truth is that Iranian aggression is not solely limited to a nuclear weapon.