1. Iran makes a diplomatic leap with Syria talks
    Fate of Syrian President Bashar Assad at centre of dilemma as Iran, a Shiite regime, battles for regional influence against Sunni Saudi Arabia and Sunni Gulf states.
  2. Activists demand the release of Shia cleric in Saudi
    Activists have once again gathered outside the Saudi embassy in London calling on Riyadh to halt the execution of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqi al-Nimr and his nephew.
  3. Man dies of injuries sustained during bombings of Shia gathering in Dhaka
    Jamal Uddin, who was being treated at the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), died around 9:30am on Thursday, said DMCH police outpost’s Assistant Sub Inspector Sentu Chandra Das.
  4. Saudi Presence in Syria Talks “Suspicious, Illegitimate”
    Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi blasted Saudi Arabia for massacring the Yemeni nation and supporting the terrorists in Syria, and stressed that the Riyadh government with such a dark record should not be allowed to take part in the Vienna talks on Syria.
  5. Shiite imams thank security forces
    RIYADH: Several Shiite imams at mosques holding Ashura commemorations in the Kingdom recently called on young people to unite and thanked the security forces for maintaining peace and security in the country.
  6. Unable to afford marriage expenses, young men go for ‘misyar’
    Experts said more and more Saudis are opting for the “misyar” marriage due to unaffordable living expenses, Makkah daily reported.
  7. A third of Saudi food is wasted says leading charity
    The Executive Director of Etaam Charitable Food Bank, Abdullah al-Thanayan revealed that a third of the food people in Saudi cook goes to waste, while the Ministry of Agriculture stated that food waste has increased in urban areas by 34 percent, which indicates that large amounts of food are being thrown away.
  8. Bahrain’s Shiite community facing increased harassment during holy month of Muharram
    This statement was originally published on bahrainrights.org and adhrb.org on 29 October 2015.
  9. ISIS Taunts Iraqi Shiites By Getting Close To Major Shrine
    ISIS is on the move again, this time its sights set on a city that is home to one of Shiite Islam’s holiest sites, and the trigger for the sectarian killings that erupted in Iraq nearly ten years ago.
  10. Plans for 9,000-capacity mosque in east London rejected
    Long-running plans to build a controversial mosque in east London to hold services for as many as 9,000 worshippers at a time have been rejected by the communities secretary, Greg Clark.