1. Saudi Prince Denies Report He Would Back Israel in War With Palestinians
    A Saudi Prince is denying news reports claiming he said he would back Israel should Palestinians go to war with the Jewish state.
  2. Yemen’s Shiite Rebels Release 20 Detainees in Western Region
    Yemen’s Shiite rebels on Friday released 20 detainees held in the western province of Ibb following pressure from local non-government groups, Yemeni security officials said.
  3. Iraqi Shiite militia claims attack on exiled Iranian opposition, Fars says
    BAGHDAD — A Shiite Muslim militia in Iraq asserted responsibility Friday for a deadly rocket attack on an exiled Iranian opposition group housed near Baghdad, according to Iran’s Fars News Agency.
  4. Madrassas: behind closed doors
    To reach Deoband by road from the vast conurbation of greater Delhi, you must drive through one of the most densely populated regions on earth, past shanty towns, apartment blocks, brick kilns, petrol stations, sugar-cane fields, timber plantations of poplar and eucalyptus and arrays of cow-dung patties stuck to walls or heaped on the ground for future use as cooking fuel.
  5. Shia group accuse Sunni leaders of violating Indonesia’s constitution
    The Organization of Ahlulbayt for Social Support and Education (OASE), which mediates conflicts between religious groups, announced plans to sue the Anti-Shia National Alliance and a mayor in West Java province, a lawyer for the non-profit organisation said on October 29.
  6. Protests, clashes in Bahrain over death sentence of Shiite cleric
    Manama, Oct 30 (EFE).- Shiite protesters and security forces clashed in several parts of the Bahraini capital, Manama, following protests over sentencing Saudi Shiite cleric called Nimr Baqir al-Nimr to death this week in Saudi Arabia.
  7. Jamiat activists beat FEMALE students for playing cricket at Karachi University
    KARACHI (Web Desk) – A clash between Islami Jamiat-e-Talba and Punjabi Students’ Association resulted in injuries to at least five students including females yesterday at Karachi University.
  8. Saudi Arabia has a terrible human rights record. Why are they still Canada’s ally?
    Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau‘s yet-to-be-named foreign minister will inherit a file of hot-button global issues — not least of which is a secretive arms deal with Saudi Arabia, a country with a long record of human rights violations.
  9. Saudi textbooks propagate intolerance
    Here we go again. According to a new government report, Saudi Arabia published yet another year’s worth of public school textbooks that promote hateful ideas.
  10. Rocket barrage kills 26 Iranian exiles at Iraq camp
    Baghdad (AFP) – A rocket barrage killed at least 26 Iranian exiles at a camp near Baghdad, UN chief Ban Ki-moon said Friday after the deadliest attack against the opposition group in years.