1. Senegal considers banning women from wearing burqa
    Senegal is considering banning women from wearing the burqa, amid rising fears of extremism in the west African country.
  2. Booby-trapped dolls seized in Baghdad; Isis planned bomb blasts during Arbaeen
    The Iraqi police have foiled a major bombing plot in Baghdad, where 18 dolls stuffed with bombs were seized by the security forces, which were meant to be scattered on the roads leading to Karbala during Arbaeen – a Shia Muslim religious observance.
  3. Iraqi officials: Suicide blast, roadside bomb target Shiite mosque in Baghdad, killing 10
    BAGHDAD – Iraqi security officials say a suicide blast and a roadside bomb have targeted a Shite mosque in a southern Baghdad neighborhood, killing 10 people.
  4. ISIS attacks claim more than 700 lives outside Syria, Iraq so far this year
    BEIRUT — The Islamic State group has dramatically expanded its theatre of operations from its hub in Syria and Iraq, executing or inspiring a series of attacks across three continents that claimed more than 700lives this year.
  5. Beirut bombing deserves attention
    People of Beirut are justifiably frustrated that Friday’s attacks in Paris overshadowed the bombings that killed 43 people in their city the day before. But equal respect for human life isn’t the only reason western media should be more focused on Beirut than they have been.
  6. Outside Powers Must End Their Proxy Wars in Syria
    A FRENCH NEWS CAMERAMAN burst into the bar of Beirut’s Commodore Hotel, where his colleagues gathered most evenings, on November 17, 1983.
  7. Bombings Near Iraq Shia Mosque Kill 6: Officials
    Baghdad: A roadside bomb followed by a suicide bombing near a Shia mosque south of Baghdad killed at least six people and wounded 19 today, security and medical officials said.
  8. Islamic State claims Yemen attack
    Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack on the army in the eastern region of Hadramawt on Friday that a security source said killed at least 19 Yemeni soldiers and 35 militants.
  9. Michael Gerson: Don’t feed Islamic State narrative
    As careful as we should be in drawing lessons from tragedy — and there is something disgraceful in mounting a political soapbox at a funeral — the horrors experienced in Paris demand renewed dedication to the prevention of future horrors.
  10. US should take in more Syrian refugees
    One of the West’s more dangerous reactions to the Paris terrorist attacks has been to consider shutting the door on migrants fleeing from war zones like Syria. Several American governors have now declared their states won’t accept Syrian refugees.