1. Top Egypt cleric urges disassociating Islam from attacks
    Cairo (Egypt) (AFP) – Egypt’s top Muslim cleric issued an impassioned appeal Saturday to disassociate Islam from extremist attacks, saying Muslims themselves had suffered most from “the catastrophe of terrorism.”
  2. A look at the rivalry between al-Qaida and IS
    CAIRO (AP) — The attack on a Mali hotel claimed by al-Qaida may have been partly aimed at asserting the global terror network’s relevance as it faces an unprecedented challenge from the Islamic State group for leadership of the global jihadi movement.
  3. Former al-Qaeda mufti: I condemn ISIL attacks
    A former religious adviser to Osama bin Laden, Abu Hafs al-Mauritani has joined a chorus of Muslims in condemning the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, denouncing its recent attacks in Paris as going against the tenets of Islam.
  4. Op-Ed Islamic State’s Achilles’ heel: Its Sunni identity
    The “Islamic” identity of Islamic State has understandably attracted a lot of notice.
  5. Iran ‘arrests ISIS cell near Iraq border’
    Iranian security forces have arrested members of a jihadist cell linked with the Islamic State terrorist group near the country’s western borders with Iraq, the head of the Revolutionary Guards said Sunday.
  6. An unknown terrorist killed Palestinian Shia figure near Nazareth
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency -ABNA- Palestinian Shia figure, Sheikh Ahmad Shahwan, was assassinated by unknown gunmen near Nazareth in northern Israel.
  7. Iraq: 300 ISIS Militants Surrender to Peshmerga
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Peshmerga Commander on Gwer frontline Qadr Qadr has revealed that so-called Islamic State (IS) militants are surrendering to Kurdish forces on a regular basis, since the routes between territories in Iraq and Syria have been blocked.
  8. China declares war on ISIS
    China will join the war on ISIS after four of its citizens were killed by Islamist terror groups in two separate attacks this week.
  9. ANALYSIS: Paris attacks prompt nuanced responses in Iran
    Sympathy for victims mixed with questions over lack of Western concern at terror carnage in Beirut and across Middle East
  10. Gunmen seize at least 14 Hazara Shias from bus in Afghanistan
    Unidentified gunmen in Afghanistan on Saturday kidnapped 14 bus passengers believed to be from the Hazara ethnic minority, 10 days after the killing of seven Hazaras by militants sparked one of the biggest protests in Kabul in years.