1. Sudan gets $2.2B for joining Saudi Arabia, Qatar in Yemen war
    Saudi Arabia’s disastrous military campaign in Yemen has been a source of humiliation. In an effort to prevail against the Houthi rebels, Riyadh has reached out to Sudan and other African nations for on-the-ground support.
  2. Why do some Turks approve of Islamic State terrorism?
    On Nov. 17 at a friendly soccer match between Turkey and Greece, a group of Turkish spectators interrupted a minute of silence honoring the victims of the Nov. 13 Islamic State (IS) attacks in Paris, whistling, chanting slogans and shouting “Allahu Akbar.” There are three important reasons why this incident, at Istanbul’s Basaksehir Stadium, cannot be dismissed as an ordinary act of hooliganism.
  3. Turkey downing of Russia jet ‘stab in the back’ – Putin
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has bitterly condemned the downing of a Russian jet on the Turkey-Syria border.
  4. Arabs Accuse Kurds of Exploiting War With Islamic State to Grab Land
    After U.S.-backed Kurdish forces drove Islamic State militants from the Iraqi city of Sinjar this month, some of the fighters involved began looting houses of Sunni Arabs suspected of ties to the extremist group.
  5. Pokrovskaya: Moscow, Tehran Likely To Use Shiia Areas Af Saudi Arabia To Destabilize Kingdom – OpEd
    Both those who agree with Andrey Illarionov that Vladimir Putin’s ultimate target in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia and those who think he is wrong have ignored an important fact on the ground: The Saudi kingdom has significant Shiite populations who just happen to be where the oil and oil pipelines are, according to Elizaveta Pokrovskaya.
  6. Obama 2013: Assad must go. Obama today: Hopefully Assad won’t run for president again.
    A nifty catch by Josh Rogin from today’s presser. If you want to see what “Smart Power” resolve looks like in practice, here’s where we are right now with a guy whom the supposed leader of the free world has been insisting for years must step down as president of Syria.
  7. Iran says US has plan to divide Iraq
    Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has accused the United States of trying to divide Iraq along sectarian and ethnic lines and urged Iraqis to withstand any such plans.
  8. Iraqi Shia fighters hope for the coming of Putin
    Karbala, IRAQ – Nadim Kadhum has two wishes as he lies in the Imam Hussein hospital in Karbala, shot in the pelvic bone by an Islamic State sniper early last week near Baiji. One is to make a full and rapid recovery. The other is for Russia to strike targets in Iraq, just as it has been doing in Syria.
  9. Senior Shia scholar: Religious minorities are inseparable part of Iran’s history
    Ahlul Bayt News Agency – Making his remark in the unveiling ceremony of the released book entitled “Iran, The Cradle of Peaceful Coexistence”, Head of the Supreme Council of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri delineated the real place and status of divine religions’ followers in the Islamic society.
  10. Inviting ISIS home: India should stay away from European Islamophobia
    There are people who snatch victory from the jaws of defeat or defeat from the jaws of victory. We Indians specialise in snatching other people’s defeat. This is exactly what we are doing with the way we are getting drawn into the ISIS-in-Europe debate.