1. Ben Carson Says Muslim Civil Rights Group Has Ties to Terrorists
    Ben Carson, the Republican presidential candidate who has been fading in the polls, accused a leading Muslim-American civil rights group of having ties to terrorists on Tuesday as he laid out a new national security plan.
  2. Iranian grand ayatollah blasts harassment of Nigerian Shias
    TEHRAN – A senior Iranian cleric has deplored recent acts of violence against Shia Muslims in Nigeria, urging the immediate release of prominent Shia Nigerian cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.
  3. Iranian officials call for intervention in Nigeria after anti-Shia violence
    Three Iranian lawmakers have called for action amid the deadly violence against the Shia community in Nigeria at the hands of the African country’s military.
  4. Bulgarians protest Turkish PM’s visit to Sofia
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says only the Syrian people can decide the future of their country. Lavrov made the remark after talks with his US counterpart John Kerry in Moscow.
  5. Photos: Massive protest in India against Shia Massacre in Nigeria / Part 6th
    Students in Jammu city of India strongly condemns the Shia Killings in Nigeria by the blood thirsty pro-Zionist Nigerian military.
  6. Nigeria’s government killed “hundreds” of Shia Muslims in 3 days: what we know
    Nigerian activists are accusing the government of massacring hundreds of Shia Muslims in Zaria, a city in Nigeria’s north, over the course of three days from Sunday through Tuesday.
  7. Yemen peace talks underway as fighters ignore cease-fire
    GENEVA (AP) — U.N.-brokered peace talks between Yemen’s internationally recognized government and Shiite rebels opened Tuesday in Switzerland with expectations for a deal low as fighters on both sides failed to honor a weeklong cease-fire in some parts of the country.
  8. Police Clash With Shiite Members Leave 3 Dead, Many Injured
    According to a resident of Tudun Wada, who spoke to Daily Post, the Shiite sect were organising a protest in a reaction to the arrest and detention of their leader, Sheik Ibraheem El zakzaky, by the Nigerian Army when police officials reportedly swooped on them.
  9. Shiite Muslim Sect Alleges Massacre by Nigeria’s Military
    KADUNA, Nigeria — Representatives of a Shiite Muslim sect in northwestern Nigeria said on Tuesday that hundreds of its members were killed by the military in a massacre over the weekend.
  10. Saudi Anti-Terror Coalition ‘May Worsen Sunni-Shia Conflict’
    The coalition created by Saudi Arabia to combat terrorism could be used in conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites, Amin Shalaby the executive director of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs told Sputnik on Tuesday.