1. Shias protest against killing in Nigeria
    Prominent Shia personalities in the city have said that they would organise a protest march to the Nigerian embassy in the city to protest against the indiscriminate killing of more than 1,000 Shia men and women by the Nigerian army in Zaria and Kano last Saturday.
  2. Over 300 female members still in detention – Shiite Muslims
    KADUNA – The Shiite Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, Thursday, alleged that at least 300 of its female members were in detention in an Army facility in Kaduna.
  3. Imam Describes Military/Shiite Clash As Unfortunate
    He said the clash was “avoidable and unnecessary” and also expressed deep concern of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) about the development and has been taking measures to ensure tensions are doused.
  4. Requires investigation after “bloodbath” in Nigeria
    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Human rights advocates have referred to as for an investigation following the Nigerian military’s raid on a Shiite sect through which a whole lot of individuals have been reportedly killed.
  5. Shias across India protest the detention in Nigeria of an Iran-backed cleric
    Ripples from the unrest in Nigeria were felt in India on Thursday as Shias in several cities organised demonstrations on Thursday against the government of the West African country for the alleged killings of scores of Shias last weekend and arresting Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, one of the country’s top Shia clerics and founder of the Iran-backed Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
  6. The Persecution of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia, the holy place of Islam, has become a humiliating place for Shias living in there or who come to pay a visit to the holy cities of Makah and Medina.
  7. Islam is not ISIS
    Last February, Sayed Hadi Qazwini, an Arab-American Islamic educator, Imam, and adjunct professor of Islamic studies, posted this cartoon on Twitter.
  8. Family of teenage Saudi protester sentenced to death appeal for his life
    The family of a teenage protester who faces beheading in Saudi Arabia have come forward in public for the first time to plead for his life.
  9. IS, Shia militia claim attack on Turkish troops in Iraqi camp
    Four Turkish soldiers were wounded on Wednesday when militants fired mortars on a training camp near the Iraqi city of Mosul, Turkish officials said, in an attack that was claimed by both Islamic State militants and Shia militiamen.
  10. Hamas and ISIS Collaborating to Fight Egypt, Report Says
    On Tuesday, a report by Ehud Yaari of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy suggested that Hamas and ISIS were cooperating in weapons smuggling to fight a common enemy: Egypt.