1. Donald Trump and Isis both benefit from a powerful fuel: our fear
    Extremism is on the rise across the world. Islamophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment and the anti-semitism of yore are ascending; they catapult to power politicians who feed on people’s anxieties and offer palliative medication that reinforces paranoia and promotes rabid xenophobia.
  2. Is Hezbollah the real game-changer on Syrian battlefield?
    Lebanon buried one of its most notable war heroes this week among silence from Western capitals and much clamor across the Middle East.
  3. Kidnappers who snatched nine members of Qatari royal family demand the release of Shia cleric facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia in return for their freedom
    Armed men kidnapped at least 26 Qatari hunters, including members of the royal family, from their camp near Samawah province, 230 miles from Baghdad last week.
  4. Overstretched Isis loses 14% of caliphate
    Islamic State lost 14 per cent of the territory claimed by its self-declared caliphate in Syria and Iraq in the course of this year, according to a report.
  5. HRW: Nigerian soldiers killed Shiite children without provocation
    Nigerian soldiers fired on unarmed Shiite children with no provocation before unjustified raids that killed hundreds of the minority group in the West African nation, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.
  6. Military/Shiites clash: Northern governors fear repeat of Boko Haram
    Northern States Governors at the weekend in Kaduna, expressed fears that the recent bloody clash between the Army and members of the Shiite sect in Zaria, could become another mistake for the Boko Haram crisis to repeat itself.
  7. IG promises to investigate Army, Shiite group clash
    This is contained in statement issued by the Force Spokesperson, Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Olabisi Kolawole in Abuja on Tuesday.
  8. Turkey blames Iraq’s Shiite-dominated gov’t for Mosul’s fall, vows continued efforts
    In a move likely to add insult to injury for Baghdad, the Turkish government has put the blame on the Shiite-dominated Iraqi government for the fall of Mosul, while also vowing to continue military assistance for Iraq until Mosul is liberated.
  9. Nigeria army killed unarmed Shia kids: Human Rights Watch
    Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the Nigerian army slew Shia children earlier in the month, opening fire on the unarmed youngsters with no provocation.
  10. West media impose blackout on Nigeria army killing: Analyst
    Press TV has interviewed Shabbir Hassanally, an activist and Islamic scholar from London, to discuss the recent bloody crackdown on Shia Muslims in Nigeria as well as the Western media’s deafening silence on this.