1. Saudis walk out of Arab League meeting after Iraqi minister’s comments
    The Saudi delegation at the Arab League stormed out of a meeting after Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari defended the Shi’ite Hashd Shaabi militia grouping, an Iraqi foreign ministry source told Reuters on Friday.
  2. Egypt drafts bill to ban burqa and Islamic veils in public places
    The Egyptian parliament is drafting a law banning women from wearing the niqab veil. The ban will apply to wearing the clothing in public places and government institutions, it has been reported.
  3. Yemen officials: Clashes between Shiite rebels, local fighters in besieged city of Taiz kill at least 45 fighters on both sides, 6 civilians
    SANAA, Yemen — Clashes intensified on Friday between Shiite rebels and local fighters in the besieged city of Taiz, killing at least 45 fighters on both sides and six civilians over the past 24 hours.
  4. Saudi Arabia And Iran Exacerbate Sunni, Shiite Divide In Lebanon
    TRIPOLI, Lebanon— When Sahar, an interior designer, woke up Sunday morning, she saw that the streets in her hometown, Lebanon’s second largest city, had been decorated overnight with dozens of green-and-white Saudi Arabian flags.
  5. Iraq Shiite militia leader’s convoy attacked, two guards wounded: TV
    BAGHDAD: The convoy of the leader of one of Iraq’s main Shiite militias, Aws al-Khafaji, came under attack and two of his guards were wounded, Baghdad-based Afaq TV reported Friday.
  6. ‘US created monster of al-Qaeda, yet believes Iran supported 9/11 terrorists’
    The US behaves like international judge, jury and prosecutor, said Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi, University of Tehran. Iran doesn’t have relations with the US and are actual victims of Wahhabi extremists created by the US and Saudi Arabia, he continued.
  7. Three-year-old Iraqi girl dies after IS chemical attack / Pics
    AhlulBayt News Agency – A three-year-old Iraqi girl has succumbed to injuries she sustained during a chemical attack by the IS (ISIS, Daesh) Takfiri terrorist group on a village in the northern province of Kirkuk.
  8. Forces gathering to retake Iraq city of Mosul from beleagured Islamic State jihadists
    THE long-anticipated battle to wrest the northern Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State is imminent.
  9. U.S. Rebukes Iran Over Missile Tests, Calling Them Provocative
    The United States rebuked Iran on Friday over a series of “provocative and destabilizing” ballistic missile tests this week and all but accused the Iranians of having violated a United Nations Security Council resolution that calls on them to refrain from such acts.