1. ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation. Top Ten “Indications”
    ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue. It’s a truth as black and white as the colors on their flag.
  2. Former Saddam Aide Seeks to Reshape Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency
    BAGHDAD, April 11 – A rallying cry to Iraqi Sunnis from former President Saddam Hussein’s top surviving aide aims to bolster the old ruling Baath party’s appeal with Sunni Muslims fearing new reprisals by Shiite militias, experts said.
  3. Top Iranian cleric: Shia-Sunni dispersion, a constant demand of enemies
    Senior Iranian jurisprudent stressed necessity of solidarity among Muslim communities warning that dispersion of Shia and Sunni Muslims has been a constant pursuit of the enemies.
  4. Ethiopia Lady Converts to Shia Islam at Imam Reza Holy Shrine
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Coincident with the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Muhammad Baqer (A.S.), an African lady from Ethiopia converted to Islam in the Razavi Holy Shrine.
  5. The Myth of Saudi Power
    Analysts from the Gulf Arab states are generally upbeat about Saudi Arabia’s possible military dominance in the Gulf neighborhood and the Middle East region.
  6. Shia fighters to retake Iraqi town from Daesh
    Shia volunteer fighters from Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units have launched an operation to recapture a northern town from which the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group recently carried out a chemical attack.
  7. Police bar Zakir Naik talk on April 17
    PETALING JAYA: Police have barred controversial orator Dr Zakir Naik (pic) from giving a talk organised by Universiti Teknikal Malaysia in Malacca.
  8. Dr Zakir Naik’s program, once again govt denied permission
    The Karanata State government which has earlier denied permission to scholar, Dr Zakir Naik’s programme that was proposed to be held in the city during December last, has once again struck down ther proposal to hold this programme during this month.
  9. Iraq Shiite forces push to retake town Islamic State used for chemical attack
    KIRKUK, IRAQ – Iraqi Shiite paramilitary forces have launched an operation to retake a town from which the Islamic State group launched a chemical weapons attack that killed three children, commanders said Sunday.
  10. The collapse of Iraq’s Shiite alliance
    US Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced visit to Baghdad on April 8-9 to offer support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who finds himself increasingly isolated among Iraq’s Shiite political and clerical leadership.