1. Arab youth reject Daesh: survey
    Dubai: A new study of 3,500 Arab youth across the Middle East has revealed that an “overwhelming majority of young Arabs reject Daesh and believe the group will fail to establish an Islamic state.”
  2. Why Saudi Arabia is Hammering Yemen
    When Saudi Arabia began bombing Yemen last year, many observers speculated that it was sending a message to its neighbors.
  3. Weeks after ‘pullout’ from Syria, Russian military is as busy as ever
    MOSCOW — Russia portrayed last month’s drawdown from Syria as a victory and a homecoming, after a six-month deployment in which its air force turned the tide of the long-running conflict.
  4. Turkey shells ISIS targets in Syria, state news agency says
    Turkish artillery units on Tuesday shelled Islamic State group targets across the border in Syria, officials said, hours after rockets fired from Syria struck a Turkish border town, wounding eight people.
  5. Zaria/Shi’ite Clash: Zakzaky’s Brother Supports Army Action
    Elder brother of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria otherwise known as Shiite group, Sheikh Ibraheem Yaqoob El-Zakzaky, Muhammad Sani Yaqoob, yesterday said he is very happy with the actions taken by the Nigerian Army in the last December clash between the Army and the Shi’ites in Zaria.
  6. Why Iraqis living under the Islamic State fear their liberators
    While the Iraqi military and its allies may be slowly retaking cities from the Islamic State in the Sunni-dominated areas of Iraq, most Iraqi Sunnis fear and distrust the forces that are “liberating” them from those militants.
  7. ISIS repels Shiite militia offensive, 100 killed and wounded
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – More than 100 Shiite militiamen have been killed and wounded in an effort to reclaim the village of Bashir south of Kirkuk from Islamic State (ISIS) militants said a local official.
  8. Mass burial after army-Shiite clash in northern Nigeria
    Nearly 350 dead bodies were buried in a mass grave in northern Nigeria after clashes between the army and supporters of a Shiite cleric, a public official has told an inquiry into the unrest.
  9. Israel PM admits strikes in Syria for first time
    Israel has launched dozens of strikes in Syria, the regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits for the first time.