1. Tehran drags Moscow deeper into Syria
    For Iran, the ongoing war in Syria is no longer a matter of regional security. The conflict now has direct effects and implications for Iran’s national security.
  2. Why Syria’s Kurds are cooperating with Russia
    GAZIANTEP, Turkey — Since the Syrian revolution began in 2011, the Kurds have not engaged in direct military confrontations with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, which has not shelled their areas as it has other Syrian cities, even though the Kurds have always opposed successive Syrian regimes.
  3. Rally Outside Shiite Sheikh’s Home Reflects Bahrain Unrest
    Hundreds of Bahraini protesters kept up their rally Thursday outside the home of a Shiite cleric, a day after they chanted a promise to “give our soul and blood as a sacrifice” to protect him following the government’s move that revoked his citizenship this week.
  4. Saudi suspect found dead after gunfight in Shiite town
    RIYADH // A man wanted by Saudi authorities has been found dead after a police raid and exchange of gunfire in a Shiite town, the interior ministry said Thursday.
  5. Shiite politician expects most Kurds to vote for staying with Iraq
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A senior Iraqi Shiite politician says he expects most Kurds will vote against separation in a referendum and will rather want to stay with Iraq.
  6. A Tour of Falluja Reveals Grim Remnants of Life Under ISIS
    FALLUJA, Iraq — As Iraqi forces move through Falluja, the city is yielding the grim remnants of more than two years of Islamic State rule.
  7. Amjad Sabri assassination: Why do the Islamic jihadis hate the Sufis so much?
    Not many might know that in 2014 the Islamabad High Court had issued a notice in a blasphemy case to Amjad Sabri, one of the finest qawwals of Pakistan, along with two TV channels for the playing of a qawwali during a morning show.
  8. Bahrain summons senior Shia clerics for questioning: lawyer
    Bahraini authorities on Thursday summoned five Shia Muslim scholars for questioning, activists said, in what appeared another step in a crackdown on dissent by the Sunni-ruled kingdom.
  9. Prominent Pakistani Shia, Farhan Ali Waris, escapes assassination attempt in Karachi
    KARACHI, Pakistan – AhlulBayt News Agency – Hours after the famed qawwal Amjad Sabri was killed in a gun attack, prominent Shia noha Khawan (reciter of elegies) Farhan Ali Waris escaped an assassination attempt in Karachi.
  10. Ayatollah Sistani Expresses Solidarity with Bahrain’s Sheikh Issa Qassem
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Top Iraqi reference, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Sistani expressed solidarity with Sheikh Issa al-Qassem, after Bahraini regime stripped the leading Shia cleric of citizenship.