1. Killing of mother in Saudi Arabia sparks debate about Islamic scholar
    Driven by radical beliefs, twin brothers allegedly killed their mother in Saudi Arabia after she tried to stop them from joining Islamic State in Syria in a case that outraged Saudi Arabians worried about rising Islamic militancy.
  2. Sena MP writes to Rajnath Singh, seeks ban on Zakir Naik, his TV channels
    Shiv Sena leader Arvind Sawant on Wednesday wrote to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, seeking a ban on Islamic preacher Dr Zakir Naik following reports that at least two of the perpetrators of the Dhaka terror attack were inspired by his sermons.
  3. Attacking the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina: Significance And Consequences
    Just when you thought ISIS militants couldn’t add anything more gruesome to their image, they proved us all wrong again on Tuesday when they targeted Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque in Madinah.
  4. At least 35 killed in attack on Shia mausoleum north of Baghdad
    Islamic State claimed a triple suicide attack on Thursday evening near a Shia mausoleum north of Baghdad, which killed at least 35 people and wounded 60 others, according to Iraqi security sources.
  5. Saudi arrests 12 Pakistani over series of bomb attacks
    Nineteen people, including 12 Pakistani nationals, have been arrested in Saudi Arabia following suicide attacks on Monday, including one near Islam’s second-holiest site in the city of Madina, the kingdom’s Interior Ministry said on Thursday.
  6. Four killed as terror strikes Bangladesh on Eid
    Islamist militants carrying bombs and machetes launched a deadly attack on Bangladesh’s biggest Eid gathering, killing four persons, including two policemen and a Hindu woman, nearly a week after 22 people were slaughtered in the country’s worst terror attack.
  7. In Baghdad, a roadside bomb has killed 200 civilians – no wonder most Iraqis don’t care about Chilcot
    Here in Iraq, the week has not been dominated by the Chilcot report. Most Iraqis don’t know and don’t care that, 13 years after the invasion, Britain has finally got around to publishing an official account of what happened.
  8. Chasing the moon: Why India celebrated two Eids
    The past 48 hours have been nerve-wracking as always. As Eid-al-fitr drew closer, the excitement among the Muslims rose, but with a very important question: “Chand kab hai? (When will the moon be sighted?)”
  9. Blow for controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik – Now, Shia board demands ban on him, probe into funding of Peace TV
    Lucknow: A day after Bangladesh asked India to examine the speeches of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, now All India Shia Personal Law Board has also slammed him.
  10. Zakir Naik: No strong case against him, though he’s a bigger threat than ‘terrorists’
    Not till the moment there is hard evidence to prove his direct involvement in any of the terrorist activities either in India or abroad.