1. Syria rebel beheading of child sparks outrage
    Aleppo (Syria) (AFP) – Syrian residents and the opposition expressed outrage on Wednesday at the brutal beheading of a child by a rebel group in Aleppo city, branding it a “heinous act”.
  2. Leading Republicans Plumb The Depths Of Racist Islamophobia
    Republican leaders, eager to stoke the ugliest aspects of their right-wing base, have found yet another new low for racist Islamophobia in American politics.
  3. We didn’t need a ‘smoking gun’ from the 28 pages to prove Saudi Arabia is a bad friend to America
    After 13 years, the feds finally released the missing 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report, a document withheld from public view so long it has achieved near-mythic proportions.
  4. The Shia militias taking back Iraq from Isis — video
    The Hashd are a controversial group of 40 mainly Shia militias with strong links to Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon.
  5. Bahraini Shittes never submit to injustice of Al Khalifa rulers
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Bahraini Shia Leader Sheikh Issa Qassem’s representative in Iran Hojjatoleslam Abdollah Daqaq said on Wednesday that Bahraini Shiia Muslims will never submit to injustice of Bahraini Al Khalifa rulers.
  6. Iran Discovers Secret Terrorist Tunnel, Arrests 40 Suspects
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced that the country’s security forces have discovered a secret tunnel in Eastern Iran that the terrorists sought to use for sabotage operations.
  7. Iran condemns French raids on Syrian village
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Foreign Ministry spokesman Ghasemi condemned death of civilians in Aleppo countryside by bombardment of French fighters.
  8. Britain doubles military troops in Iraq
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Britain is doubling its deployment of troops to Iraq, says Secretary of State for Defense Michael Fallon, citing fight on Daesh terrorists.
  9. Kuwaiti Daily: Give The Islamic State A Caliphate To Act As Sunni Buffer Against Shiite Iran
    TEL AVIV – “Leave ISIS Be” is the provocative title of an article published last week by the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida, which claims that the best way to combat the terror group is to recognize it as a sovereign state, thereby forcing it to accept accountability for its actions on the international stage.
  10. Iraqi troops are advancing to liberate Mosul: Abadi
    AhlulBayt News Agency – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Thursday that the security forces are advancing towards Mosul with an aim to free it from ISIS strongholds.