1. Saudis and Extremism: ‘Both the Arsonists and the Firefighters’
    WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do not agree on much, but Saudi Arabia may be an exception. She has deplored Saudi Arabia’s support for “radical schools and mosques around the world that have set too many young people on a path towards extremism.” He has called the Saudis “the world’s biggest funders of terrorism.”
  2. Baghdad considers security overhaul
    BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Cabinet has formed a supreme committee consisting of representatives from a number of ministries and security institutions to develop an integrated surveillance system for Baghdad.
  3. Iran denies US accusation of arming Yemen rebels
    Iran on Friday denied US accusations it has delivered missiles to Yemeni rebels, retorting it was US support for a Saudi-led coalition backing the government that had prolonged the conflict.
  4. Flushing out IS fighters in Libya’s Sirte
    The Libyan forces are preparing for what they hope to be the last attack against so-called Islamic State (IS) group in the city of Sirte.
  5. Thatcher’s secret arms deal talks with Saudi Arabia exposed in declassified documents
    Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher held secret talks with Saudi rulers to persuade them to spend billions on UK-made fighter jets in what would later become Britain’s largest and most controversial arms deal, newly released documents show.
  6. UN Human Rights Chief Calls For Probe Into Saudi Airstrikes In Yemen
    GENEVA, Aug 25 (Reuters) – Air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen are responsible for the largest part of the 3,799 civilians killed so far and it has committed other violations that may contravene international law, the U.N. human rights office said on Thursday.