Ibn Abbas reports that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) narrated: When I was taken to the heavens and Jibrail and I reached the seventh sky, Jibrail said – O Muhammad this is my limit. Then a shower of light engulfed me. I found myself with an angel from the angels of Allah who resembled Ali (a.s.) and was named Ali. He was prostrating below the Arsh and was reciting – O Allah forgive Ali (a.s.), his progeny, his lovers, his Shias, his followers and curse his haters, his adversaries, the ones envious of him, ‘surely You have power over everything’.
Al-Manaaqib of Alawi – Al-Kitab al-Ateeq p. 116-117 Al-Manaaqeb v 2 p 234 Behaar al-Anwaar v 39 p 98

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