News: 07-May-09

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  1. Earthquake hits Lebanese coast
    A Earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale hit the coastal area of Jbeil on Wednesday, but there was no report of damage.
  2. Sheikh Kalbani: All Shia clerics are heretics
    Sheikh Adil Al-Kalbani, the first black imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca excommunicates Shia clerics, saying they are not entitled to join the Supreme Council of Ulema, the highest religious body in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Weapons grade uranium found in Egypt
    The UN nuclear watchdog is investigating the discovery of traces of highly enriched uranium (HEU) — at or near weapons grade level — in Egypt, reports say.
  4. Blackwater killers ‘wanted to get rid of weapons’
    A contractor charged with smuggling arms out of Iraq claims that Blackwater agents asked him to dump weapons after Baghdad’s 2007 deadly shooting.
  5. At US summit, Pakistan vows iron fist against Taliban
    Portraying the Taliban as a common threat to Islamabad, Kabul and Washington, Pakistan’s president says he is committed to joint efforts to counter the threat.
  6. US in no mood for regime change in Iran
    Political heavyweights in Washington say they no longer seek a “regime change” in Iran, urging the country to begin engagement with the US in earnest.
  7. Fierce clashes erupt in Swat Valley
    At least 37 militants have been killed in an army operation in the troubled northwest of Pakistan as pro-Taliban gunmen gain power in the country.
  8. Karzai: Civilian casualties, unacceptable
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned US-led attacks which lead to civilian casualties, describing them as “unjustifiable and unacceptable”.
  9. Lack of funds puts Israeli army on verge of crisis
    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says the budget allocated to his ministry is insufficient and would put it at the risk of “an unnecessary crisis”.
  10. Lebanese, Israeli envoys meet on Ghajar
    Lebanese and Israeli delegates have met to discuss a possible withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied village of Ghajar.

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