News: 16-May-09

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  1. Pakistan lifts Swat curfew, people flee
    Pakistan’s military temporarily lifts curfew in the Swat where thousands of civilians are trapped in war between the troops and heavily armed militants.
  2. Maliki concerned with Baathist plotting
    Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has said his government fears the possibility that a Baathist conspiracy will destabilize the country.
  3. Bomb kills British soldier in Afghanistan
    A British soldier has been killed in a bomb explosion in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, the Ministry of Defense said.
  4. Egypt arrests senior Brotherhood members
    Egyptian security forces have arrested 12 senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s main opposition group, in pre-dawn raids.
  5. Three policemen killed in Darfur
    Three police officers have been shot dead by gunmen who attacked them in Sudan’s western region of Darfur, according to local police.
  6. Protesters slam anti-Islam rally in Cologne
    Hundreds of people have demonstrated in German city of Cologne protesting against an anti-Islam rally and urging support to Muslims’ rights in the country.
  7. Israeli soldier shoots 12-year-old girl with live fire in Ni’lin
    The girl, Summer Amira, was shot by Israeli forces as she was standing near the window of her home.
  8. Senior Cleric Nouri Hamedani speaks about Wahabbism
    We are facing a misfortune which affects the whole Islamic world. There is a sect (Wahhabi) which has been created by the enemies and which presents enmity to the Ahl al-Bayt (a) and the enemies of Islam in order to create fitna.
  9. Editor of Iraqi Shiite paper escapes assassination
    The editor of an Iraqi newspaper linked to an anti-American Shiite cleric narrowly escaped assassination in Baghdad on Thursday in an attack that killed his bodyguard, police and journalists said.
  10. Bahrain parliament passes family law for Sunni section
    Manama: Bahrain’s lower house on Thursday endorsed a much-awaited family law draft that aims to improve the legal status of women.

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