News: 20-May-09

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  1. Mistreatment of Shia Pilgrims Must Stop: Grand Ayatollah Makarem
    Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem strongly denounced mistreatment of followers of Ahl-ol-Bayt’s school of thought by some Wahabbis.
  2. Unknown men burn 5 mosques in Istanbul, no injured
    Five mosques were burnt in the Asian part of Istanbul on May 19, no injured, a local mufti said.
  3. Confession of terrorist leader in Iraq
    He says the goal of the movement was to “separate Sunni and Shia in order to create the birth of the Islamic State of Iraq.”
  4. Muslims, Christians in Jerusalem condemn the IOA desecration of Muslim shrines
    The Islamic-Christian bureau for the support of Al-Quds, and the holy shrines has accused Tuesday the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of launching “real war” against the Arab presence in the city.
  5. The Al-Qaeda Wolf in Yemen
    For years, the statements used to tell stories about Al-Qaeda Organization targeting Yemen, and then it became apparent that it was indeed Al-Qaeda, but the target was not Yemen.
  6. Blast hits foreign convoy near US base in Bagram
    A convoy of foreign troops has been hit by a blast on the outskirts of the Afghan capital Kabul, causing some casualties.
  7. Ethiopian troops return to Somalia
    Ethiopian troops have reportedly returned to the war-ravaged Somalia amid a transitional government crackdown on al-Shabaab fighters.
  8. Pakistani army says make headway in area near Swat
    Pakistani soldiers have nearly cleared Taliban fighters from a district 100 km (60 miles) from the capital in heavy fighting in which the militants have suffered heavy casualties
  9. Suicide blast kills 2 U.S. soldiers outside Kabul
    A suicide bomber hit a U.S. military convoy on the outskirts of the Afghan capital on Wednesday and killed two American soldiers, officials said.

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