News: 29-Jun-09

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  1. US reneges on Iraq withdrawal promises
    The United States retracts its initial promise of commitment to withdrawing its troops from Iraqi cities by the end of the month of June.
  2. US says Afghan poppy eradication ‘failure’
    The United States admits that its efforts in eradicating opium poppy production in Afghanistan have proven to be of no avail.
  3. Islamic ministry to close all women’s mosques
    Islamic affairs ministry has revealed that women’s mosques across the country will be shut down in order to minimize government expenditure.
  4. Fitness center for Muslim women opens in Moscow
    A fitness center for women, who want to get fit in accordance with Islamic norms, has opened in the Severnoye Butovo District, Moscow.
  5. Iraq blames Arab states for bombings
    Iraq’s prime minister blames Arab states for fanning the flames of violence in his country by turning a blind eye to the rulings of hard-line religious leaders.
  6. Beirut gunfight kills one, injures two
    In the first outbreak of violence since this month’s elections, political factions in Lebanon’s capital Beirut traded fire killing a woman and injuring two others.
  7. Egypt arrests 7 Brotherhood members
    As part of a security crackdown, Egyptian authorities have detained seven members, including three leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood opposition party.
  8. Diplomatic staff arrests, harassment: UK
    British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has described the arrest of eight UK embassy staff in Tehran as “harassment” and “intimidation”.
  9. Taliban kill 12 Pakistani soldiers in ambush
    WANA, Pakistan (Reuters) – Taliban militants ambushed a Pakistani military convoy near the Afghan border on Sunday killing 12 soldiers, the army said, as it prepared an assault on Pakistan’s Taliban chief.

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