News: 03-Jul-09

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  1. Shias kill more than 50 Talibani terrorists in NW Pakistan
    Pakistani Shias have launched a massive attack on Taliban-linked militants in the violent northwest, killing more than 50 insurgents.
  2. Saudi authorities edicts imprisonment and lash for hudreds of Shia citizens
    Saudi authorities edicts imprisonment and lash for hudreds of Shia citizens accused of participating in protests against religious police in the holy city of Medinah in last February.
  3. Saudi Security Authorities arrested the Shia youth Yaser al-Faraj
    members of al-Mabaheth al-`Amma (Saudi General Directorate of Investigations) , the secret police and local police in the eastern town of Awawamiyah in Al-Qatif raided the house of the youth Yaser Ali al-Faraj . They had no warrant to search or arrest. They forced themselves into the house, searched it ….
  4. World Center for Shiite Studies Introduces Shia Islam to the World
    The World Center for Shiite Studies was established in the year named after Amir al-Mu’menin- Ali (A.S.)- under supervision of Hojjat-ol-Islam Ali Ansari Boyer Ahmadi, to prove the legitimacy of Shi’ism and to show that it is not separated from the Holy Quran.
  5. Saddam’s WMD bluff intended to frighten Iran: FBI
    Saddam Hussein believed Iran was a significant threat to Iraq and left open the possibility that he had weapons of mass destruction rather than appear vulnerable, according to declassified FBI documents released on Wednesday on interrogations of the former Iraqi dictator.
  6. Programme on Khoja history – Qum, Iran
    The World Federation Qum office in collaboration with Dar al-Zahra (sa) hosted a programme on: “The Relevance of Karbala in The Evolution of The Khoja Shia Ithna’ Asheri Muslim Community”. The presentation was given by Brother Hasan Jaffer of Mombasa, Kenya.
  7. Give to charity instead of hajj: Tajik president
    Tajikistan’s president on Tuesday urged his people to donate money to charity rather than perform the annual hajj pilgrimage amid a severe economic crisis in the overwhelmingly Muslim state.
  8. Saudi Conference to Limit Takfir
    Takfir, the declaring a Muslim to no longer be Muslim, is a noxious device practiced by religious extremists to ‘authorize’ the killing of some Muslims at its worst and to still the voices of those who question extremism as its least. We’ve seen Osama bin Laden declare that various Saudi leaders are ‘no longer Muslim’; we see various Sunni clerics claim that the Shi’a are not Muslim.
  9. Hindutva forces blocking construction of a mosque in Delhi
    New Delhi: Last Friday hundreds of activists of Hindutva organizations forcibly tried to prevent prayer at a newly allotted site for a mosque in Rohini area of North-West Delhi.
  10. US marines begin massive offensive in Afghanistan
    US Marines have launched a massive offensive into lower Helmand River in southern Afghanistan, as President Barack Obama unveils a new war plan in the region.

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