News: 14-Jul-09

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  1. Helicopter crashes in Afghanistan; casualties
    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) – A helicopter crashed with casualties on Tuesday in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province, scene of a massive operation by U.S. Marines, officials said.
  2. In Afghan war, Brown accused of dereliction of duty
    With Britain mourning the recent deaths of eight soldiers, Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces accusations of “dereliction of duty” in his handling of the war in Afghanistan.
  3. ‘American militant killed in Somalia’
    A US citizen has been killed fighting for the Somali group, al-Shabaab, amid speculations regarding the group’s influence on the Somali American community.
  4. Violence returns to China’s restive region
    After days of relative calm in restive Xinjiang province, Chinese security forces have shot dead two Muslim Uighurs and injured one more in the capital Urumqi.
  5. 26 Indian women feared drowned
    At least 26 women laborers are feared dead as two boats capsize in the Wainganga River in western India, police say.
  6. Saudi Kingdom releases Iranian cleric
    An Iranian cleric, detained in Saudi Arabia on charges of religious sacrilege, has been released after nearly one month in detention.
  7. US ambassador to Iraq escapes bomb attack
    The US Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill has escaped an attempt on his life after a bomb exploded near the vehicle he was riding in.
  8. Italy: Young Muslims condemn woman’s murder in Germany
    Young Italian Muslims have joined an emotional international debate, condemning the murder of an Egyptian woman in Germany. Young Muslims of Italy, or Giovani Musulmani d’Italia (GMI), said the attack raised serious questions about whether Muslims were safe in Europe.
  9. Deadly explosion in Pakistan Islamic school
    At least nine people including seven children were killed when a bomb exploded in an Islamic seminary in Pakistan.
  10. First group of displaced persons arrives in insurgency-hit Swat
    The first group of persons, displaced as the result of clashes between the security forces and Taliban in Pakistan’s Swat valley, returned homes on Monday after two-and-half month, officials said.

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