News: 18-Jul-09

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  1. 1- Anti- Shia discrimination in a high level in Saudi Arabia
    After two months of chase , the Saudi authorities could arrest on 15 June 2009 the Shiite citizen Zohair Hussain Albo Saleh , 43 years , from al-Khober, a city in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province , an employee in Emirate Airline in Al-Olaya Quarter in Riyadh , the son of the notable person Hussain Albo Saleh the supervisor of al-Thaqba mosque .
  2. The Moroccan Shias in straits
    The news sources indicated that more than 3 thousand of Shias are in the Morocco prisons and under their torture.
  3. The Compact Disk of Work Collection of Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi to Be Produced
    The Compact Disk of Work Collection of Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi was produced and released on account of the endeavors of researchers of Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences and Imam Ali Scientific School Press.
  4. 8 Shia pilgrims wounded in bomb attack in Baghdad
    A bomb explosion struck Shia pilgrims in central Baghdad on Thursday, wounding eight worshippers who were heading to the capital’s northern holy neighborhood of Kadhimiya to commemorate the death of a Shia Imam, an Interior Ministry source said.
  5. Marwan Kamel Faqih, Spy and Son of Spy, Sentenced to Death
    Finally, the first ruling against those accused of spying for the Israeli enemy was issued!
  6. Pakistan – One Shia martyrs in Dera Ismail Khan
    One Shia martyred yesterday in the terrorist occupied city of Dera Ismail Khan.
  7. Iran, India Ink Memorandum of Understanding
    According to the director of Religion Studies Department of the University of Religions and Faiths in Qom, a memorandum of understanding was signed by this university and the International Educational and Research Institute for Science and Religion (IISR) in Pune, India.
  8. BBC apologises for smearing Muslim Council of Britain
    The BBC on Thursday agreed to pay £45,000 ($72,000) in libel damages to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) after apologising for broadcasting claims that the mainstream umbrella organisation encouraged the killing of UK soldiers.

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