News: 21-Jul-09

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  1. Saudi Imam attacks shia
    Imam of Saad Bin Maaz mosque at Safa district in Jeddah on Friday, strongly insulted Muslim scholars in his Friday prayer’s preaches.He showed his regret for the death of Sheikh Ibn Jibrin, who died last Monday, and said that Ibn Al-Khatib Jabarin fought against Raafidis (Raafidi is a word that Wahhabies attribute to Shias) and innovators. He added: The religious scholars who appear on satellite channels [everyone that not belong to the country] are ignorant scholars and do not have legitimate to work clean.”
  2. Saudi authorities arrest son of Shia cleric
    The Saudi authorities arrested on 18 July 2009 the Shiite citizen Mohammad Nimer Baqir al-Nimer, 22 years , from al- Awwamiya, a Shiite village near Qatif , in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province , a student in Jubail University , the son of the notable leading Shia cleric Sheikh Nimer al Nimer. Mohammad al Nimer was arrested without any charge but used by police as pressure on his father to give himself up to the authorities.
  3. American Shias worried about their future
    The hotel conference room was divided: men on the left, women on the right. The speaker, a compact, bearded man in a safari vest, had come to talk about current events and the Quran. In the weeks leading up to the gathering, post-election protests had shaken Iran, and the audience of American Shia Muslims wanted to know what to make of the turmoil. Imam Mohammad al-Asi, a Michigan-born activist, sounded like a spokesman for the Iranian government. The Iranian protesters, he said, were aiding “the political Jews and the political Christians,” the U.S. government and the Zionists, in a plot to eradicate Islam. He cited verses from the Quran that he said backed his views. Then, his voice rising, he ticked off his list of American transgressions against Muslims, from supplying Israel with bombs to building U.S. military bases in Islamic countries. “Can’t you see the shaytani character of the U.S. government?” al-Asi demanded, using the Arabic word for “satanic.”

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