News: 07-Aug-09

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  1. Barak hints at another war with Lebanon
    Israeli Defense Minister hints at Tel Aviv’s intention to launch another offensive against Lebanon, saying the war would be more devastating than the 2006 war.
  2. Pakistan says Taliban chief Mehsud ‘dead’
    Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi has confirmed the death of Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud in a US drone attack on Waziristan.
  3. Saudi swine flu death toll reaches 6
    Saudi Arabia has reported two more deaths from swine flu, taking the country’s death toll to six.
  4. India to execute alleged 2003 Mumbai bombers
    An Indian court sentences to death three people for conspiring with a Pakistan-based militant group and planting the bombs that killed 52 people in Mumbai in 2003.
  5. Saudi police raids Sha’ban festival in al-Ahsa
    Saudi security authorities raided Shia centers on Tuesday evening, ready to celeberate the largest festival in al-Ahsa on auspicious birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi (a.s) and ordered to demolish all decorations.
  6. Iraqi Al-Qaeda to hunt Shia pilgrims
    Millions of Iraqi Shias are these days in holy Karbala to celebrate the birthday of Imam Mahdi (pbuh), which accounts for this year on August 7, which is 110 kilometers far from south of Baghdad.
  7. Active member of Imamia Student Organization assassinates
    12 hours after mass protest against Shia killing in Pakistan, unidentified terrorists killed one of the active members of Imamia Student Organization in Sargodha area.
  8. Saudi authorities to demolish “Seven Mosques” in holy Medinah
    Saudi Human Rights activist, Abdul- Aziz Khamis, has warned demolition of historical monuments as well as “Seven Mosques” in Saudi Arabia under the pretext of development and expansion and said it is not unjustified, and called international organizations to protect these historical sites that are not owned by the governments but to the Islamic world.
  9. Ayatollah Waheed Khurasani: The universe is connected with Imam e Zamana (A.J)
    Provincial Desk: existence is connected with imam e Zamana(A.J) it should not be forgotten. Said Grand Ayatollah Waheed Khorasani.
  10. Iraq ban impolite and terrorist websites
    Iraq is considering blocking websites deemed pornographic or that incite violence or crime, triggering fears of a return to Saddam Hussein-style state censorship and government propaganda.

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