News: 26-Aug-09

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  1. Muslims can pray in India’s Taj Mahal during Ramadan
    Muslims can perform pray in the Taj Mahal during holy month Ramadan in response to the Supreme Court orders.
  2. Iraq, Syria recall envoys over confession row
    Iraq and Syria summon their ambassadors amid a deepening row over Baghdad’s accusations against Damascus of hosting militants who bomb Iraqi cities.
  3. Bodies found in Pakistan’s Swat
    Tribesmen in Pakistan have found the bodies of 22 suspected insurgents in Swat, raising concern about extra-judicial killings in the country’s troubled northwest valley.
  4. Bomb wounds local official, 4 other people in Iraq
    BAGHDAD (AP) – Iraqi officials say a local official and four other people have been wounded when a bomb attached to a car exploded in Baghdad.
  5. Confessions “invalid”: Khatami
    Former President Mohammad Khatami on Wednesday denounced as “invalid” confessions made by detainees at a mass trial of moderates accused of fomenting post-election unrest, the ILNA news agency reported.
  6. Hezbollah part of next government: Hariri
    Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad Hariri said on Thursday Hezbollah will be part of the next cabinet “whether Israel likes it or not”.
  7. Iran cemetery ex-head denies “mass burial” rumor
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – A former head of Tehran’s largest cemetery said on Wednesday no mass burial had ever taken place there, after an MP said a committee was looking into rumors that protesters killed during demonstrations had been buried at the site.
  8. Saudi religious police crack down on summer festivals
    JEDDAH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s religious police is cracking down on summer festivals that the government hopes will promote domestic tourism, in the latest battle between liberals and conservatives in the world’s biggest oil exporter.

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