News: 29-Aug-09

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  1. Clashes leave 21 killed in Somalia
    At least 21 people have been killed after heavy fighting breaks out between al-Shabaab and Somali government troops.
  2. Iraq bomber kills 4, wounds 6 others
    A bomber has killed at least four people and wounded seven in an attack that targeted a police station to the north of Baghdad, Iraqi police say.
  3. Attacks sink parts of Pakistan into darkness
    Power supply to some parts of Pakistan has been cut after unknown militants exploded an electricity pylon and a sub-station in northwest of the country.
  4. Terrorism in Saudi Arabia: Who is Developing it and Who Can Explain it?
    Just before Ramadan, the Saudi security body revealed that it had discovered a network that supports and funds terrorism, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Interior.
  5. Two killed, 21 wounded in Afghan suicide strike
    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) – A suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest attacked a patrol of Western and Afghan troops in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, killing at least two civilians and wounding 21, district officials said.

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