News: 04-Sep-09

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  1. Iraq PM asks for U.N. inquiry into Baghdad bombings
    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has formally asked the U.N. Security Council to launch an inquiry into a series of explosions that killed 95 people in Baghdad last month.
  2. Swine flu deaths climb past 2,800: WHO
    GENEVA – The World Health Organisation said Friday that at least 2,837 people had died from swine flu virus infections.
  3. Four suicide bombers detained in Chechnya
    MOSCOW – Authorities in Chechnya said Friday they had averted several major attacks as they announced the detention of four youths trained as suicide bombers in the increasingly volatile region.
  4. Afghan anger after scores die in NATO air strike
    KUNDUZ, Afghanistan (Reuters) – A U.S. warplane summoned by German troops fired on hijacked fuel trucks in Afghanistan before dawn Friday, killing as many as 90 people in an incident that could trigger a backlash against NATO.
  5. Somali fighting kills 6, injures 11 civilians
    At least 6 civilians have lost their lives and eleven others injured during fierce fighting between African Union soldiers and Somali rebels.
  6. Afghanistan claims more UK troops’ lives
    Roadside bombs and gun battles have left two more UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan, bringing to 212 the overall British fatalities in the war-ravaged country.
  7. HRW slams Riyadh over discrimination against Shias
    A Human Rights Watch’s report has strongly lashed out at Saudi Arabia over its” systemic state discrimination” against Shia Muslims across the kingdom.
  8. Israeli FM tours Africa to lobby against Iran
    The hawkish Israeli foreign minister has embarked on a tour of Africa with the hope of arousing hostility toward Tehran among the continent’s officials.
  9. Bomb attacks claim 13, injure 150 in Iraq
    At least thirteen people have been killed and more than one hundred fifty others injured following a series of bomb attacks across war-torn Iraq on Thursday.
  10. NATO air raid kills ’90 people’ in Afghanistan
    At least ninty people, mostly civilian, have been killed and scores others injured after US-led warplanes targeted fuel tankers in an area of northern Afghanistan.

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