News: 15-Sep-09

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  1. Wahhabi hardliners brutally attack Shias in holy Medina
    Hundreds of extremist Wahhabis in an inhuman act attacked a Shiite district and offended many of Ahl ul Bayt followers.
  2. Warning of Sheikh Jalaluddin al-Saghir in regard to spread of Baathists and takfiris’ influence
    Sheikh Jalaluddin al-Saghir has revealed that the Bathists and takfiris attempts to make Mosul their capital.
  3. Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria marks 12 September 1996 Event (PIC)
    The Anniversary was marked on Saturday the 12th September 2009 at Central Mosque Zaria by 10.00pm where scores of members of the Movement attended.
  4. Yemeni forces martyred 20 more Houthi Shias
    Yemeni army claims to have killed at least 20 Houthis (Shia group), in their latest attacks against their positions in the rugged northern Saada Province.
  5. Rare Quran exhibition in Hyderabad – India
    The Salar Jung museum announced on Monday that as part of Ramzan festivities, the museum ….
  6. Bush shoe attacker journalist released
    Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi reporter who was arrested for throwing his shoes at former US President George W. Bush, has been released.
  7. Turkish soldier killed in anti-PKK operation
    At least one Turkish soldier has lost his life in the ongoing operation against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants in the southeastern province of Hakkari.
  8. Amid US concerns Canada confirms Afghanistan pullout
    Canada is determined to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in 2011, despite growing US calls on its allies for more substantial help with the eight-year war.
  9. Somali rebels slam U.S. killing of al Qaeda suspect
    MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Somalia’s al Shabaab insurgents denounced a U.S. commando raid that killed one of east Africa’s most wanted al Qaeda suspects and vowed Tuesday to continue their fight against Western nations.

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