News: 20-Sep-09

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  1. Yemen army kills 140 Shias during ceasefire
    The army has reportedly killed more than 140 Houthis in northern Yemen after declaring a temporary ceasefire on the Shia fighters.
  2. Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust remarks provoke EU outcry
    After Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust “a myth” in an anti-Israeli speech on the annual Qods Day, the European Union moves to condemn his remarks.
  3. Pakistan police raid US-linked security firm
    Pakistani police say they have raided the offices of a private security firm hired by the US embassy and seized a large number of unlicensed weapons.
  4. Bodies of 6 Italian soldiers flown back home
    The bodies of six Italian soldiers who were killed this week in one of the deadliest suicide attacks targeting NATO troops in Afghanistan, have been flown back to Rome.
  5. AU envoy calls for arms to fight al-Shabaab
    The African Union envoy to Somalia has urged the international community to provide forces fighting the country’s militants with weapons.
  6. Iranian police arrest 35 protestors
    TEHERAN – Iranian police arrested 35 protestors during an anti-government rally in Teheran, the ISNA news agency reported Sunday.
  7. Iraq helicopter crash kills US soldier
    BAGHDAD – A US soldier was killed and twelve others wounded when their helicopter crashed in the US military’s main airbase in Iraq, the military said in a statement on Sunday.
  8. Khamenei says Iran ‘rejects’ nuclear weapons
    Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei denied the West’s charge that Teheran aims to develop nuclear weapons under a covert programme, insisting the republic bans such activity.
  9. Al Qaeda threatens Germany in second online video
    BERLIN (Reuters) – Militant Islamist group al Qaeda threatened Germany with attacks for the second time this weekend in an online video criticizing the country for its deployment of troops in Afghanistan, authorities said on Sunday.

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