News: 08-Oct-09

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  1. Large blast outside Indian embassy in Kabul
    A large bomb exploded near the Indian embassy in the centre of the Afghan capital on Thursday, witnesses and police said, damaging buildings nearby.
  2. ‘US behind Iran pilgrim disappearance’
    Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said the US is behind the disappearance of the Iranian Umrah pilgrim, Shahram Amiri, in Saudi Arabia.
  3. 16 Iraqis killed in terrorist attacks
    At least sixteen people have reportedly lost their lives and dozens more were injured in separate militant attacks across Iraq.
  4. UAE urges talks on disputed Iran islands
    UAE’s Parliament Speaker Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair says the emirate wants to hold talks with Iran on the issue of the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf.
  5. Saudi monarch arrives in Syrian capital
    Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has arrived in Syria in a further sign of warming relations between the two Arab countries.
  6. Iran says “some countries” offer it nuclear fuel
    TEHRAN, (Reuters) – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that “some countries” had offered to provide Iran with uranium enriched to 20 percent for use as nuclear fuel, the official IRNA news agency reported.
  7. Qaeda urges Uighurs to launch jihad against China
    DUBAI – Al-Qaeda leader Abu Yahia al-Libi has called on Uighurs to launch a jihad against the Chinese authorities and has urged Muslims worldwide to support their co-religionists, a US monitoring group reported.
  8. Nigeria militants say to resume oil attacks
    ABUJA – Nigeria’s main militant group on Wednesday said it will resume attacks against Africa’s biggest oil and gas industry once its three-month old ceasefire expires at the end of next week.

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