News: 07-Dec-09

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  1. Altaf Hussain martyrs in Quetta – Pakistan
    Quetta: Another Shia Muslim, Altaf Hussain, embraced martyrdom at 1:00 am on 4th December in Liaqat National Hospital, Karachi.
  2. Swiss minaret ban triggers boycott of Germany’s top film director
    Famous German-Turkish film director Fatih Akin said he is to boycott the Swiss premiere of his new film in protest at the Swiss referendum vote to ban construction of minarets in that European country, press said Saturday.
  3. 6 policemen killed in Iraq violence
    At least six Iraqi policemen have lost their lives in the latest string of terrorist attacks targeting security forces across Iraq.
  4. Terrorist cell busted in Bekaa Valley, police say
    Lebanese anti-terrorism police say they have dismantled a terrorist cell accused of plotting to carry out bomb attacks in the Bekaa Valley.
  5. Turkish police clash with Kurdish demonstrators, 1 dead
    One man was shot dead on Sunday in southeastern Turkey in clashes between Turkish police and demonstrators denouncing the prison conditions of jailed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan.
  6. Pro-Taliban militants kill 2 tribal elders in Bajaur
    A bomb blast in Pakistan’s tribal district of Bajaur has left at least two anti-militant elders dead and two others wounded amid rising militancy.
  7. No intelligence for years on bin Laden hideout-Gates
    WASHINGTON, (Reuters) – The United States does not know where al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is hiding and has not had any good intelligence on his whereabouts in years, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Saturday.
  8. Iran…and Political Hallucination!
    In one of his speeches in Isfahan, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that the attacks launched by America and it’s military allies over the past few years on some countries in the [Middle East] region are based on religious grounds and that “their motive for carrying out these attacks that they did not make public is that they know that there will come a day when a man descended from Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, will appear in this region and he will eliminate all the wrong-doers in the world. The Iranian nation will be among the supporters of this divine man.” Ahmadinejad continued and confirmed that “Iran has the documents to prove this.” And of course that’s not all; Ahmadinejad added, “The first task for Iranian officials is to build [up] Iran and their second task is represented in preparing to enter the administration of world affairs.”
  9. Pakistan police arrest gang accused in bombings
    PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Police commandos acting on a tip killed one militant and arrested five others Sunday in a raid against a bombing cell accused in recent attacks around the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar, authorities said.
  10. Pakistan– Taliban Terrorist Group cruelly killed a Shia father and his two sons in Parachinar
    Pro-Taliban militants have killed at least three Shia Muslim tribesmen in the Parachinar area of northwest Pakistan.

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