News: 20-Jan-10

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  1. Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan unite against terrorism
    Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have agreed to work together more closely to strengthen security in the region and combat terrorism.
  2. Kabul clashes leave 15 dead, 38 injured
    At least fifteen people have been killed and 38 others wounded during clashes between Afghan security forces and Taliban militants in Kabul.
  3. US military-industrial complex sends Gates to India
    US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has arrived in New Delhi, looking to forge closer military links with India.
  4. Two more US soldiers perish in Afghanistan
    Two American soldiers have reportedly died in southern Afghanistan in an alleged roadside blast, say the US-led coalition forces.
  5. At least 45 dead as Sudan tribal wars prevail
    New clashes have erupted between two rival tribes in Sudan’s volatile southern region, leaving at least 45 people dead, reports say.
  6. Egypt’s Brotherhood appoints new leader
    The Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition movement in Egypt, has appointed Mohammed Badie as its new leader.
  7. 11 civilians killed in battles in Mogadishu
    At least eleven civilians have been killed in crossfire between Somali government forces and anti-government fighters in Mogadishu.
  8. 100s killed in 3 days of communal violence in Nigeria
    Nearly 300 people have been killed and hundreds more wounded in three days of clashes between Christians and Muslims in central Nigeria.
  9. ‘Saudi Wahhabi jets bombard N Yemen, kill dozen Muslim’
    Saudi fighter jets keep bombing Houthi positions in northern Yemen along the border the country shares with the oil-rich kingdom, killing more than a dozen people.
  10. The Big Killer of Muslims in Iraq , ‘Chemical Ali’ sentenced to death
    Ali Hassan al-Majid, also known as “Chemical Ali”, has been sentenced to death for ordering the gassing of Kurds in the Iraqi village of Halabja, state television has reported.

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