News: 04-Feb-10

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  1. Iran fires satellite carrier into space
    Iran on Tuesday test-fired the Kavoshgar 3 satellite carrier, sending its third explorer — with living organisms onboard — into space.
  2. US threatens Iran with ‘severe sanctions’
    US Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Iran faces “severe sanctions” from the US and major world powers over its nuclear program.
  3. Qabalan Calls for Boycotting Libya’s Arab Summit
    Deputy Head of the Higher Islamic Shia Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan stressed that Lebanon should boycott the forthcoming Arab Summit that will be held in Libya and said: “Is that how we respect Imam Sadr and his Lebanese, Arab, and Islamic position?”
  4. A Shia Leader’s message to lover of Ahlulbayt in Russia
    The Leader of Jaferi People in Turkey Selahattin Ozgunduz gave important messages to the lover of Ahlulbayt in Russia, St. Petersburg. He told about Arba’ein, unity, Karabakh and import religions in Azerbaijan.
  5. 5 million pilgrims in holy Karbala for Arbaeen commemoration
    HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Number of Husseini pilgrims who have entered the holy city of Karbala till February 1 to commemorate Arbaeen Al-Husseini (pbuh)
  6. We Fill al Ahsa Prisons with Shia Muslims
    The governor of al Ahsa city in the east of Saudi Arabia threatened to arrest Shia Muslims and fill his prisons with them.
  7. Updated – Major blast in Karbala: 20 Shia pilgrims martyred, 120 wounded
    A bomb blast has left at least 17 people killed and about 116 others wounded in Karbala as violence builds against Shia pilgrims en route to the holy city for a major religious rite.

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