News: 14-Feb-10

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  1. Obama names US envoy to Muslim world body
    DOHA – U.S. President Barack Obama said on Saturday named a new special envoy to a top Islamic body to deepen Washington’s cooperation with the Muslim world.
  2. String of Iraq bomb attacks target poll candidates
    BAGHDAD – A string of bombings targeted groups taking part in Iraq’s March election late on Saturday, wounding seven people, an Interior Ministry official said.
  3. Yemeni Shia rebels deny assassination attempt
    SANAA/RIYADH- Yemeni Shia e rebels denied on Saturday carrying out an assassination attempt on an Interior Ministry official which was staged only hours after a ceasefire agreement came into force.
  4. Anti-Taliban offensive on track
    MARJAH – NATO commanders said the start of a major US-led offensive against a key Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan had been a success as the operation entered its second day Sunday.
  5. Pakistan flung into fresh turmoil
    ISLAMABAD – Pakistan headed into fresh crisis Sunday with President Asif Ali Zardari locked into a humiliating confrontation with the country’s top judicial authority over the appointment of a senior judge.
  6. Muslims rally in Norway against Prophet’s cartoon in daily + PIC
    About 3,000 people have marched through downtown Oslo in protest of the printing of a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by a Norwegian newspaper.
  7. Iran begins drilling for oil in Caspian Sea
    The Islamic Republic of Iran has started drilling its first exploratory well in the Caspian Sea to search for oil in the resource-rich body of water.
  8. Heavy rainfalls hit Mecca amid holiday
    RIYADH (Reuters) – Heavy rainfalls over Mecca on Saturday submerged some districts and streets in Islam’s holiest city, Saudi media reported, raising fears of a repeat of deadly floods in a neighboring city in November.

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