News: 25-Feb-10

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  1. ‘Rigi case will go to court soon’
    A senior Iranian Judiciary official says Jundallah terrorist group leader Abdolmalek Rigi will be prosecuted soon.
  2. Norouz named as Internatioanl Day of Peace
    With adoption of a resolution in the United Nations, Norouz was named as International Day of Peace.
  3. UAE Banks Won’t Face Dividend Payout Limits – Paper
    DUBAI, (Reuters) – Banks in the United Arab Emirates would not face restrictions on distributing 2009 profits as bonus dividends as long as they limit cash dividends to 50 percent, the Arabic daily, Al Khaleej reported on Wednesday. Last week, the central bank called on banks in the region to cap cash dividends at 50 percent of their yearly profits.
  4. Saudi Man Stands Trial over Indonesia Bombing
    JAKARTA (AFP) – A Saudi man went on trial in Indonesia Wednesday accused of financing twin suicide bombings on luxury hotels in Jakarta last year that killed seven people.
  5. Eid-e-Zahra & beginning of Imam Mehdi (atf) Imamate festivals held across the world
    Rabi-ul AWwal 9th marks two great and happy occasions, Eid-e- Zehra (a.s.), Eid-e-Shuja and the auspicious day of the formal beginning of Imamate of the last infallible descendant of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), Al-Imam Al-Mehdi Al-Montazar, Al-Hujjat (atf).
  6. Eid-e-Zahra – An occasion of great happiness
    Rabi-ul Awwal 9, the day of glory, honor, dignity and blessings, is a great Eid known as “Eid-e-Shuja’a”, “Eid-e-Zahra (SA)” or the Feast of Zehra (SA). Many traditions from holy Prophet (SAWW) and his Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) have been reported in its merit.
  7. UN: 131 children killed in 2009-NATO air raids
    As US-led forces strive to win public support for “Operation Mushtarak” in Afghanistan, a new UN report reveals that over 130 children have been killed in NATO air raids in the country last year.
  8. Iran to make a movie about Rigi’s arrest
    Iran will make a movie about the operation that lead to the arrest of Abdolmalek Rigi, the ringleader of the Jundallah terrorist group.
  9. Bilal Shia Muslim Mission of Kenya student reflects on her summer course experience + PIC
    Sister Ummi Wando of Bilal Muslim Mission of Kenya (BMMK), was one of the lucky participants of The World Federation’s Summer Course in 2009: Madinah al-Ilm.
  10. Pakistan’s Most Wanted Terrorists….
    Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has published an updated version of its Red Book of ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’. Containing 119 names, the list includes some of the most dangerous men in the country,

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