News: 27-Apr-10

  1. Al-Qaeda has been blamed for an attack on the UK’s envoy in Yemen.
    The suspected suicide bomber threw himself at the convoy of the British ambassador to Yemen as it drove through the capital, Sanaa.
  2. Shots fired at French mosque
    PARIS – FRANCE’S prime minister says gunshots were fired at a mosque in southern France. No one was hurt, and police are investigating.
  3. Obama Hosts Muslim Entrepreneurs
    U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting a conference of more than 250 entrepreneurs, most from majority-Muslim countries, in the hope of promoting greater business ties between the United States and the Muslim world.
  4. Muslims urged not to offer prayers on roads
    Zakat Foundation’s president Dr Zafar Mahmood has urged Muslims to refrain from offering “namaz”– even Friday’s– on roads outside the mosques as it is not according to the Islamic teachings and “as good Muslims, we will have to follow the religious dictum that our acts should not cause any hardship to people at large and to non-Muslims in particular”.
  5. Academic Muslim women’s conference opens in Tehran
    TEHRAN — The 2nd International Conference of Scholarly Muslim Women started in Tehran on Sunday. The conference will last until Tuesday, April 27.
  6. Amnesty urges Belgium not to ban Muslim face veil
    Amnesty International has urged the Belgian Parliament not to pass a draft law which would prohibit the wearing of the full face veil anywhere in public.
  7. International airport in holy Makkah soon
    Plans to establish an new international airport on the outskirts of the holy city of Makkah have been given the green light, it was reported on Monday.
  8. Pakistani Shia Muslims slam civilian killings
    Thousands of Shia Muslim demonstrators across more than a dozen Pakistani cities have protested the killing of civilians in the violence-wracked country.
  9. Arctic may soon receive its first mosque
    WINNIPEG – Thanks to a Manitoba Muslim charity, the Arctic could soon have its first mosque.
  10. Qaradawi seeks ‘review’ to keep pace with time
    Prominent Qatar-based Muslim scholar Yousef al-Qaradawi yesterday called for a review and a fresh look at some Islamic beliefs.

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