News: 14-Jun-10

  1. Karachi: Banned outfits involve in sectarian target killing, Home Minister Sindh
    Sindh home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has said that banned religious outfits is involved in the on going sectarian target killings in Karachi.
  2. CAIR calls for FBI probe of attack on Californian Muslim
    SAN FRANCISCO, California: The San Francisco Bay Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFBA) on Friday called on the FBI to initiate a hate crime investigation into an attack on a local Muslim allegedly beaten after being called a “terrorist.”
  3. Russia sends troops to Kyrgyzstan
    A battalion of Russian paratroopers has arrived in southern Kyrgyzstan on the third day of deadly ethnic violence in the former Soviet Union republic.
  4. Maliki-Allawi meet ends in agreement to set up national partnership govt
    A one-hour meeting between Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and al-Iraqiya leader Iyad Allawi on Saturday ended in an agreement on the need to form a national partnership government encompassing all groups, an advisor for Maliki said.
  5. Mild quake shakes Bengkulu, Quran recital contest unaffected
    An earthquake measuring 5.1 on Richter scale jolted Bengkulu province at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, but it did not affect the national Quran recital contest which was closed by Vice President Boediono later in the day.
  6. Pakistan Islamic party for halt to NATO supplies
    Pakistan’s main Islamic party has urged the government to halt all supplies to NATO Forces from Pakistan immediately to put pressure on the U.S. to stop wanton violation of its sovereignty by drone strikes.
  7. First Conference of African Ulema Calls for Stronger Islamic Solidarity
    At the close of the First Conference of African Ulema in Dakar on Thursday, participants called on Muslim religious scholars and intellectuals in Africa to work towards anchoring the Islamic values and enhance their role in the promotion of comprehensive development.
  8. Report Slams Pakistan for Meddling in Afghanistan
    KABUL (Reuters) – Pakistani military intelligence not only funds and trains Taliban fighters in Afghanistan but is officially represented on the movement’s leadership council, giving in significant influence over operations, a report said.
  9. Pakistani Central leader of Shia Ulema Council lashes on Govt for failing to protect Citizens
    Allama Nazar Taqvi, the central leader of Shia Ulema Council while demanding the resignation of IG Sindh and CCOP Karachi has said that nine persons of Fiq-e- Jaferia had been killed in the target killing in last fifteen days adding that this was not a sectarian killing but certain elements wanted to satisfy their nefarious designs by labeling it so.
  10. English Quran unveiled in London
    The unveiling ceremony of the English translation of Quran was held in London with the attendance of the book’s translator, Abdul-Halim and director and Principal of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Professor Paul Webley who said that the book will help strangers to get familiar with Islam.

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