News: 05-Jul-10

  1. Iran unveils human-like robot
    TEHRAN – Iran has developed a new human-like walking robot to be used in “sensitive jobs,” government newspaper Iran reported on Sunday.
  2. Lebanon cleric Fadl Allah dies
    Lebanon’s Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadl Allah, one of ShiA Islam’s highest religious authorities, died on Sunday at the age of 74, a medical source at a Beirut hospital said.
  3. Four die in Iraq attack by female suicide bomber
    A female suicide bomber blew herself up at the entrance to government offices in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday killing at least four people, an interior ministry official said.
  4. Blasts kill 8 civilians in Afghanistan
    Two separate bomb blasts in Afghanistan have killed at least eight civilians and wounded six others amid rising violence in the war-weary country.
  5. ‘Saudi Arabia training Iraq terrorists’
    Saudi Arabia has set up a military base near its border with Jordan for training militants to conduct terrorist activities in war-weary Iraq, informed sources say.
  6. Turkish pipeline ablaze after blast
    An explosion has blown up a section of a pipeline carrying oil from Iraq to southern Turkey and set it on fire.
  7. Shia community protests against persecution in Pakistan
    The funeral prayers of Rizwan Hussain, who was killed Friday night, were offered at Imambargah Khairul Ammal in Ancholi after Maghrib prayer on Saturday.
  8. Islamic University in Holland wins official recognition
    The Islamic University of Rotterdam has set itself the goal of creating a Muslim academic elite in the Netherlands.
  9. Shrine bombing alienates Taliban in Pakistan
    The Taliban are rapidly losing public support in Pakistan because of acts of brutality against civilians, such as this week’s deadly attack at a Sufi shrine.
  10. BJP threatens stir against 15% quota for Muslims
    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday threatened to launch a mass agitation if the central government implemented the Ranganath Mishra Commission report which recommended 15 percent reservation for Muslims in education and government employment.

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