News: 11-Jul-10

  1. Makkah property prices escalate on speculation
  2. Taliban massacre 11 Pakistani Shias
    Suspected Taliban militants have killed at least 11 Pakistani Shia Muslim tribesmen and injured several others in Afghanistan’s eastern border province of Paktia.
  3. 27th Quran contest opens in Iran
    The 27th international competition of the Holy Quran has opened in the Iranian capital Tehran, bringing together representatives from 60 Muslim countries.
  4. Problems of Muslim citizens in Europe
    The book ‘Problems of Muslim Citizens in Europe’ deals with problems of Muslims’ living with practitioners of other religions in Europe.
  5. Saudi Probes 11-Year Oil Smuggling Operation: Report
    RIYADH (AFP) – Saudi Arabia is investigating a smuggling operation that illegally exported discount-priced oil to Europe for more than 11 years, the Saudi newspaper Okaz reported on Saturday.
  6. Iran, Afghanistan to launch intl. univ.
    Iran and Afghanistan have reached an agreement to open an international university in an effort to promote Persian language and literature.
  7. ‘US meddling in way of new Iraqi govt.’
    An Iraqi cleric has blamed US meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs as the main reason behind the delay in the formation of a new government in the country.
  8. Pak security forces kill 25 militants
    At least 25 militants including a Taliban commander have been killed as Pakistan’s military jets continue to pound the militants’ hideouts in the Orakzai tribal region.
  9. Turkey wants handover of 250 militants
    Turkey has called on the United States and Iraq for cooperation in its anti-terror operations against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).
  10. PAKISTAN: TERROR Just Who Is Not A Kafir?
    20 per cent of the population effectively considers the remaining 80 per cent as kafir

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