News: 28-Sep-10

  1. Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leaders
    According to government-run media, three members were detained in Alexandria for “their attempt to revive the group’s activities, promoting wrong ideas and possession of publications containing beliefs that would endanger social peace.”
  2. Islamic Economic Forum in Makkah
    Makkah Islamic Economic Forum (MIEF 2010) will be held under the theme “Unifying Vision and Objectives” from December 12th to 16th
  3. Halal to Spread across Europe by Belgian Expert
    Bernard, an advisor to chambers of commerce in several Muslim countries, asserted that his company is the only one which makes an industrial process for halal certification
  4. OIC focuses on US Muslim issues
    The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), along with the American Islamic College, is organizing a three-day conference on Islam and Muslims in Chicago, US.
  5. Iraq arrests al-Qaeda terrorist leader in holy Karbala
    Iraqi security officials say they have arrested a local al-Qaeda leader in the central province of Karbala and have dismantled a terrorist cell in the capital, Baghdad.
  6. Azerbaijan offers to host OIC summit
    Azerbaijan has suggested holding the summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Baku in 2014.
  7. Egyptian Lawyers Call on Government to Halt Broadcast of “Fadak Television Channel”
    Two Egyptian lawyers had filed a lawsuit against the government aimed at halting broadcast of a Fadak channel currently carried by Egypt’s Nilesat satellite station on the pretext that the channel attacks sacred Sunni symbols, judicial sources said on Sunday.
  8. Plot to kill Iraqi Shia official foiled
    BAGHDAD — Six civilians were wounded in a powerful explosion apparently targeting a Shiite official near a fuel station in downtown Baghdad on Sunday, an Interior Ministry source said.
  9. Analysis: Crisis-hit Islamic funds set for recovery
    The asset management side of Islamic finance, which has been at a virtual standstill in the $1 trillion industry, is set to break out of its rut as demand rises for investment products catering to Muslim laws.
  10. Ammar al Hakim, U.S. amb. discuss means to speed up govt. formation
    Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Leader Ammar al-Hakim met on Sunday with U.S. ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey and deliberated over efforts exerted by the Iraqi political blocs to accelerate formation of a new government, according to the SIIC web site.

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