News: 19-Oct-10

  1. India´s Muslim Social Welfare Schemes Revisited
    In wake of the recommendations made by the Sachar Commission report for the economic upliftment of the poor Muslims in India, both central and state government have launched several schemes for their welfare.
  2. Arabs Launch $2 Bln Development Fund
    KUWAIT CITY (AFP) – Arab finance ministers on Monday officially launched a two-billion-dollar development fund that will provide loans to small and medium-size projects across Arab countries.
  3. Iraq to restore war-battered factories
    BAGHDAD – Iraq plans to spend around $680 million in 2011 to renovate its dilapidated factories and start new projects, a senior Industry and Minerals Ministry official said on Monday.
  4. Iraq’s Maliki meets al-Sadr in Iran
    TEHRAN – The Iraqi prime minister met his erstwhile Shi’ite Muslim rival in Iran on Monday, state television said, as Tehran moved to patch over their differences to help ensure Iraq’s next government is led by Shi’ites.
  5. UAE, Kuwait drive GCC investor confidence surge
    DUBAI — Investor confidence in the GCC bounced back with the UAE and Kuwait recording sharp increases on the back of recent successful bond issuances and oil price gains, a leading investment bank said on Monday.
  6. Afghan talks include Iran, sketch out transition
    Global powers on Monday gave their backing to Afghanistan’s efforts to negotiate with the Taliban and set conditions for the gradual handover of power from foreign troops to local security forces.
  7. Real tug of war for Muslim votes in Bihar
    The tug of war is undeniably for Muslim votes in the Bihar Assembly elections, irrespective of the social complexion of parties and alliances.
  8. WikiLeaks to release Iraq war files very soon
    REYKJAVIK — Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks will not publish some 400,000 secret reports on the Iraq war on Monday as had been widely rumoured, but they would be available “very soon”, a spokesman said.
  9. Police face legal threat over Birmingham ‘spy’ cameras
    West Midlands Police is facing legal action if it does not remove all cameras controversially put up in largely Muslim areas of Birmingham.
  10. Dutch Muslims want anti-Islam lawmaker convicted
    Muslims witnessing Geert Wilders’ hate speech trial claim the anti-Islam lawmaker’s speeches have led to attacks on Dutch Muslims and pleaded with judges Monday to convict and fine him.

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