News: 16-Nov-10

  1. New Wave of Violence and Blasts in Iraq Ahead of Eid
    Militant attacks in Iraq left one person dead and 10 others injured as security is tightened ahead of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha
  2. Pilgrims Assemble at The Holy Mount of Arafa
    More than two million Muslim pilgrims assembled Monday at the holy Mount of Arafat and its surrounding plain on the peak day of the world’s largest annual pilgrimage, the Hajj.
  3. Hadith-e Kassa Memorization Contest Concluded in Imam Hossein’s Shrine
    The memorization contest of Hadith-e Kassa for children from different Arabian countries which started on Thursday, November 11 in the holy shrine of Imam Hossein (AS) concluded on Saturday, November 13.
  4. 360 cooling devices reduce heat in Jamarat Bridge
    360 new evaporative coolers installed and operated with full capacity in this year’s Hajj season spreading at four levels of Jamarat Bridge.
  5. Bomb attack at a busy marketplace in northwest Pakistan
    A bomb attack at a busy marketplace in northwest Pakistan has injured nine people, including anti-Taliban tribal commander Tehseel Khan.
  6. 50 Million Meals to be provided for Pilgrims During This Hajj
    50 million meals will be provided to the Pilgrims during this Hajj season.
  7. Pakistan PM urges donors for patience on reforms
    Pakistan’s prime minister on Monday urged donors to give the country more time to carry out structural reforms, including widening the tax base.
  8. Bill to amend law on migrant property introduced
    NEW DELHI: The government on Monday introduced a legislation in parliament that gives Indian Muslims – if they are legal heirs – a right to claim the properties of relatives who migrated to Pakistan during the Partition in 1947.
  9. Talaq uttered by Muslim man on cellphone valid: Deoband
    DEOBAND: Talaq uttered thrice by a Muslim man on a mobile phone will be considered valid even if his wife is unable to hear it all the three times due to network and other problems, a fresh fatwa has ruled.

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