News: 26-Jan-11

  1. Muharram during the Qutb Shahi Period
    The Shias are identified by the observance of Muharram. The Qutb Shahs were Shias and therefore Muharram was of great importance to them. They celebrated it with great enthusiasm and devotion.
  2. New sites for coral reef cultivation identified in Oman
    MUSCAT – Ten new locations have been identified in Oman’s Seeb wilayat to cultivate artificial coral reefs as part of a project to raise the country’s fish stock. These are in addition to the existing sites in the area developed by the Ministry of Fisheries.
  3. Steps to attain food security proposed
    MANAMA – Farmers in Bahrain should be encouraged to grow vegetables which have high demands in the local market so as to attain food security in the country, according to a study.
  4. Yemeni president tries to defuse calls for ouster
    SANAA, Yemen — Yemen’s president tried to defuse calls for his ouster, forcefully denying claims by opponents that he plans to install his son as his successor and raising salaries for the army.
  5. Saudi sets himself alight in east: report
    RIYADH — A Saudi set himself on fire on Monday at a petrol station in the eastern city of Damam, after a Tunisian’s self-immolation sparked a revolution, a Saudi news website said.
  6. Thousands mark Muslim rite in Iraq
    Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims marched and beat their heads and chests in ritualistic mourning in a major rite in Iraq’s holy Shia city of Kerbala on Tuesday
  7. Suicide attacks near Pakistan Shia rally kills 13
    LAHORE, Pakistan – A teenage suicide bomber blew himself up near a religious procession of Shia Muslims in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Tuesday, killing at least 13 people and wounding more than 50, officials said.
  8. Afghan security plan ‘at risk’: US official
    WASHINGTON — A major US plan to build outposts for Afghan forces has been dogged by delays and shoddy management, jeopardizing plans to bolster the country’s army and police, a top official said Monday.
  9. Reputation of Halal Monitoring Committee of UK at Risk by Abusive Companies
    HMC, the Halal Monitoring Committee, has been something of a boon for Muslims in the UK

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